Smart Flood Lighting


Most Business’s require security Flood lighting especially in city areas.

However running External flood lighting outside is an expensive business as the lights are likely to be activated by a dawn to dusk sensor and all the night hours. On average this is around 9-10 hours a night all year round.

Ledlights4you are now fitting Smart LED Flood Lights with some unique features. These are not only the most efficient 150Lumen per watt but also have a unique anti moisture venting system to guard against osmosis.

Why is osmosis an issue? Well when we had incandescent Lights like SONS and Halogens the heat of the units normally evaporated any ingress of water. However with LED Flood lighting, these a pure electronics, the one thing electronics cannot have is moisture. The main cause of failure on most LED Foods is water ingress. Surely they have seals, yes some have double seals, however as the light warms the air inside it pressurises, small amounts are pushed out. When the light is off it cools causing a vacuuming which sucks damp air in.

LED circuitry works on low voltage DC, so once this gets damp it shorts and the light fails.

By having a unique Venting Technology breather balances pressure inside the enclosure preventing osmosis and no damp ingress.

With our 200Watt Flood we can deliver 30,000 Lumen of light with a 90 degree angle enough to light most Loading bays, Carparks and Yards with dazzling brightness.

With addition of Microwave control the light will on these lights can be set to swich on whenever movement is detected up to 15m away. The Hold Time and LUX Settings can be varied using a hand held remote with just the press of a button.

200W MW LED Floodlight application