New Distrbution Centre Amazon Seller

Existing Technology
In just one week our team turned an empty shell into a fully functioning operational Distribution centre for ACI Express.

ACI Express are a Korean Company Distributing Korean Products for retail on Amazon.

ACI Express have two other depots near Heathrow. This Depot will give them better access to the M4 improving access to the South West and North of England. Amazon insist on a smooth and prompt delivery of goods sold on the platform, so the Distribution Centre has to be efficient.
The Ledlights4you Team transformed this Warehouse shell into a fully operational Distribution Depot in just 5 days.

We installed a new Distribution Board, Armoured & Fire Proof Cabling for the Lighting, Power Sockets. Alarm Systems, Offices and Forklift Charger.

The Warehouse lighting is completely automatic with programmed Microwave Sensor High Bay & Low Bay LED Lighting, ensuring the minimum in Energy Bills.

Essential Power points were provided for Cameras, Fire and Security Systems as well as a dedicated Three Phase Forklift Charger.

Project Cost £32,000
Payback 27 months
Energy Saving 70%
Saving 5 Years £43,200
Carbon Saving 4.4 tCO2e

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ACI New Warehouse Distribution