Bombardier Railway Parts Depot

Newgate – Catford – Bombardier – Railway Parts Store –

Existing Technology

Railway Newgate operate a public transportation section . The existing lighting was with Metal Halite high bay (459w load) lights plus T8 Fluorescent on the ground floor of the small parts store..

Many of the Metal Halite high bay lights were failing and very yellow, They were 8-10m high and expensive to replace bulbs. LUX levels were below standard and as low as 7 LUX behind shelving, making it impossible to read parts labels.
Added to this some of the emergency lights were also showing a faults which was worrying management as the building would fail the fire safety standards. The heavy store was open long hours and the biggest energy use was the lights.


LEDlights4you installed 180w LED High Bay Tubes in 6000 kelvin colour in the Heavy Store. In the small parts Store we installed 40w LED Panels 105Lm/W automatically switched on and off with microwave sensors.
This transformed both stores into a fresh clean, daylight bright environment, ideal to lift spirits and read the part numbers. This made a 70% reduction in energy use with a payback of just 24 months.

Project Cost £24,000
Payback 24 months
Energy Saving 70%
Saving 5 Years
Carbon Saving