50% Energy Increases

As a business you can normally negotiate a 3 year energy tariff to fix your Base Costs.

However, our customers tell us that they are being quoted 50% increases on their energy renewal.


This will mean sharp rises in costs for most businesses in the next few years when your energy tariffs are up for renewal. Thankfully our customers have planned well having fitted the most efficient High Bay warehouse lighting saving 89% on their energy bills.


Microwave controlled 150W LED High Bay Lights are the most efficient on the market giving 25,500 Lumens equivalent to 2 x 250W Metal Halide (SON) or 400W Metal Halide.


Using the Microwave sensors they save a further 60% on average on the energy consumption, as lights only come on when the area is occupied.


Toilets, Staff Rooms and Corridors can also use microwave sensors to switch off lights automatically rather than having all the lights on.