ACI Express – New Distribrution Warehouse Swindon Copy

Standard LED High Bays

Comparison in running costs for standard 200W LED High Bays compared to LEDlights4you Smart LED


Customer wanted to utilise the natural light with smart lighting to switch on when required. Thus reducing energy consumption to a minimum and acheiving maximum productivity. ACI Express also wanted our skilled ellectricians to provide power points for Alarm systems, Fire Alarms, Offices, despatch and Forklift charger


We were able to offer a turn key operation providing cabling Klik connection points, Emergency Lighting, Office Sockets, Alarm & Security power points and Forklift Charger point. LEDlights4you 150W LED HBD  Smart Lights with individual Microwave Sensors to gain a further 60% energy saving.

Average LUX levels were improved to 150LUX average and energy usage reduced by 64%.

Project Cost



68 months

Saving 1 Year


Saving 5 Years


Carbon Saving

14 tCO2e

Customer Endorsement