The Green Business Fund has just announced that they have paid out non-repayable capital contributions supporting a total of £9 million of energy saving investments!

The top three sectors benefiting from the Green Business Fund and technologies being most commonly implemented have been:

Top 3 Sectors

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Wholesale
  3. Retail

Top 3 Technologies

  1. Lighting
  2. Solar PV
  3. Heating

Recent changes

Recent changes made to the Green Business Fund have extended the time frame in which SMEs can access support, as well as increased the total number of businesses that will be able to benefit from the Green Business Fund. This will mean that a finite amount of money will support a greater level of total investment in energy efficiency and renewable technologies.

Companies are now invited to apply for a contribution of up to £5,000 which should represent 15% of the investment. This is non-repayable.

The Carbon Trust has always made very clear that the Green Business Fund is available whilst funds last, offered on a first come, first served basis, where projects meet the eligibility criteria. However, they tell us that they are keen to maximise the opportunity that the fund provides by keeping the fund open for as long as possible due to the exceptional levels of demand.

In summary…

A non-repayable 15% contribution up to £5,000 is still a meaningful incentive, and adds to the already attractive business case for investment in energy saving solutions.

At LEDLights4You we would encourage applications to be made ASAP for all Green Business Fund services to avoid disappointment.