Coronavirus after Lockdown


What will we need to do after the lockdown is lifted?

Coronavirus is still amongst us and for those of us who are older or with underlining health issues it can be fatal. However just because you are in good health doesn’t mean you can’t pass the virus on so we all need to be safe at all times.

My experience running a Nursing Home for seven years has helped focus the approach required. The world has changed and we need to protect ourselves from the environment, especially when in crowded places, supermarkets, shops or on public transport. I would recommend Face Masks and disposable gloves as essential. Dispose of the gloves when you reach home or work and spray sanitise your mask.

It also a good idea carry a steriliser gel for use in eating areas or when your gloves are off and don’t touch your face or mouth.

Reception areas and workers entrance/exits need to be equipped with a sanitiser unit to ensure the building remains safe. If you have a cold or sneezing, wear the mask to stop spreading your germs around. If you feel unwell, headache, sore throat, cough or temperature, self-isolate do not go to work, do not go shopping, do not use public transport.

Asians tend to take of outdoor shoes and coats at the door, this is a good practice which we will have to adopt to keep our homes safe and free from the virus.


Keep safe and healthy.

Paul Young