DEK’s Industries Ltd

Warehouse LED Lighting Case Study

Existing Technology

Existing lighting was the building was 600×600 quad 18w fluorescent panels, the warehouse had 200W LED cob High Bay Lights

Originally the general manager Ollie Janes just wanted to replace just the office lighting as they already had LED High Bay lighting in the warehouse. However walking through the warehouse I noticed that there were a few not on. Ollie told me they had had some replaced but others seemed to be burning out. On close inspection I ascertained that many of them were already half depleted (the Cob LEDs were breaking down)

It was decided that we should replace them all as replacing a few at a time was expensive as they had to hire a scissor lift each time.

Ledlights4you replaced all Office panels reducing the number by 20%.  There were 22 x 200W old LED Cob High Bays which we replaced with just 16 x 150W 23,000 lumen LED High Bay Discs exclusive to Ledlights4you.

Overall Energy Saving is 59% with an increased LUX levels in all areas


Project Cost £5,226
Payback 40 months
Energy Saving 59%
Saving 5 Years £8,200
Carbon Saving 4.4 tCO2e

Customer Endorsement

Oliver Janes

Oliver Janes General Manager at Deks Industries Europe

We’re really pleased with what Paul Young and team have done with our lighting and I can thoroughly recommend their work.