Why is it important for an LED Light to be ETL (Energy Technology List) compliant?

Firstly these lights are eligible for ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) and you’re assured that the light will be efficient.

In February 2018 the New standards for ETL qualification were increased with General interior lighting units using down lighting and Exterior floodlighting units at above 105 Lumens Per Watt.



Our policy at LEDlights4you is to provide the most efficient lighting technology with warranties up to 10 years.

We say “Better Lights make Bigger Savings” because the initial cost of a light is just part of the issue, its running cost and durability are much more important.

For example with our High Bay lights (up to 160Lumen per watt) we give a 10 year warranty with depletion rate of less than 1% in 6,000 hrs.


For our customers this means we can make energy savings of 75% on conventional lighting,

With a payback in just 2 years.


With ECA your company can save a further 19% Corporation Tax on upgrading your lighting! Check out the savings your company can make with a Free Survey Today