Uncapped Energy Rates are set to effect the bottom line on every business.

Many Business’s and Institutions are beginning feeling the pinch as their present energy contracts expire.

The New round of Energy price rises are set to rise by 150%. Unlike residential property, Companies and Institutions do not have a price cap!

We have recently visited several companies who have negotiated new energy contracts to find they are having to pay up to THREE times more for their energy.

One company said their monthly Energy bill was normally over £6,000 a month, with the new Tariff it would rise to almost £13,000 a month and there were more rises to come.

They are looking at an annual increase of almost £80,000.

Another institution was looking at having to find another £250,000 per annum! They are presently paying FIVE times their normal rate an eye watering 75p per kWh until a contract could be agreed

This was due to the start of Ukraine – Russia War, which put a temporary hold on fix contracts, so they were unable to tie up a new contract. Even so they’re still going to have to settle for THREE times the previous Tariff.

Energy saving solutions are essential to stem the bleeding of income and keep companies in profit. With lighting we can offer solutions to save up to 90% by making use of Smart high efficiency LED lights coupled with Microwave Sensors.
The process is as our video suggests to reduce the number of fittings where possible and use of smart LEDs with microwave technology.

As Oliver says in the video link above “it made sense to switch off lights when there’s no one about”.
With the latest round of energy rises the move towards smart lights technology to manage your energy use and save money.