Exeter Windows

Existing Technology

Extensive use of over 100 x T8 Twin & Single 6’ Fluorescent Tubes 140W (160W running Current) and T8 Fluorescent 1200×600 144W panels.


Wholesale and Retail Window and Conservatory Supplier they were replacing around 100 tubes per year and the showroom was poorly lit. Fabrication shop was just 150LUX and needed to be 500LUX. Showroom and Conservatories were poorly lit. Maintenance was difficult as lighting units were either too high or difficult to access.

Open 6 days a week, 10 hours per day, over 2800 hours operating the interior lighting was costing £3,000 per annum to run


The Owner wanted brighter lighting at an energy saving to replace the existing. Ledlights4you fitted LED 1200×600 Panels in the retail sales area and 40W Twin LED 1,500mm battens throughout the building. LED Battens and LED strips were also fitted inside conservatories and behind door panels. Result is a 70% energy Saving 50% increase in LUX levels and no maintenance.

Project Cost


Saving 1st Year


Saving 5 Years


Carbon Saving

3 tCO2


energy saving

payback in months