LED Lighting Failing?


Once again I have being asked by customers  to replace LED lighting that has failed!

The issue is always the same, the customer bought the lights on price or their electrician supplied them without looking closely at the specification. I have seen this issue in both small business’s and large.

The customer thinking they are LED’s so I’ll save money ends up having to replace them after 3 or 4 years. Instead of reducing costs they have actually increased them along with their carbon footprint.

How can you tell good lights from bad. Unfortunately it’s nothing to do with the electrical wholesale chain or Tool outlet you bought them from. There is strong competition in the electrical business with newcomers like Tool Station and Screw Fix taking aa big share of the faster moving electrical components and lights.

At LEDlights4you we have customers who have been operating our High Bay lights for SEVEN years!

The customers report they are just as bright as the day we installed them, so why is this?  It’s down to three points,

  1. The components are first class quality, our lights have components manufactured by Philips, Samsung and Edison to name a few.
  2. They are manufactured to TUV (German) quality control standards. Drivers for example are submitted to a rigorous testing under temperature control before use.
  3. High efficiency LED’s require good heat dissipation, the best method is to use high induction alloy material for the casing and heat sinking similar to those used in a car CPU or your home computer or laptop.

Early depletion or failures of LED lights is mainly due to poor components and poor heat dissipation, in other words poor design. Some manufactures are offering 20,000 to 30,000 hour build life’s. These are OK for domestic use where the lights are only used for short periods but for commercial use the lights are normally on all day some are 24/7.

You will pay more for 50,000 hour lights with a 5 year warranty but if they are more efficient and last 15 years you’ll have saved the difference within a year on saved energy costs! If you are an ISO 14001 company then you are also reducing your Carbon Footprint as well.