Lighting Design


Electricians will normally fit lights in the most convenient position, often near a power source without thinking much about the lumen efficiency. Replacing existing lights will normally be one for one, invariably many existing lights can be ommited.

Take Offices with suspended ceiling tiles, for example lights are arranged in a uniform pattern, which looks neat but often is not practical. For example lights are often places within one panel from the windows. If they were positioned 2 or 3 tiles in they would give more light to the room and not losing lumens out the window. With 120 degree light spread from an efficient LED panel light the lumen or LUX spread is wider. Light can also be reflected off walls so again there is no point in placing the panel close to a wall.


Desk space is also important, with the wider spread of Lumen from an efficient LED panel will spread enough light for the walkways (exception of emergency Lighting) so walkway lights can be omitted as long as LUX levels are adequate.


This can save up to 20% on fittings alone and Reduce your Carbon Footprint even further. Often fitting less units means you can get better quality and therefore higher efficiency panels making even better energy savings.


One for One replacement of existing lighting means you are often wasting money on unnecessary units and increasing your running costs.


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