Reducing your carbon footprint and reducing energy has become a priority. Using Microwave Sensors with LED lighting means switching on is instantaneous.  There is no delay for warm up as experienced with Fluorescent and Metal Halide.

For many buildings the reduction in energy use by not having lights on when no one is about can save hundreds of thousands of pounds over 5 -10 years. The carbon saving is just as important for your scoping 2 rating.

As with some of our customers who have leased premises, the landlord may contribute if you’re got a rent review or a new lease.


Commercial buildings are now being accessed for their energy rating, so it’s in the landlord’s interest to improve the rating to avoid punitive rate or tax.


Having microwave sensors which have variable settings means the light can be switched off more efficiently or even dimmed for a period before switching off.

This feature is useful if not much movement is happening and give a warning that the sensor is about to switch the light off.


Savings are up to 60% more than standard LED lighting more than halving the pay back period.