Using LED High Bay Lighting with Automatic switching using Microwave Sensors in your Freezer can save 80% on the lighting bills.

Industrial Freezers and refrigerators are expensive items to run. Any savings are a positive way of keeping their running costs to a minimum

The settings: 

100% sensitivity Hold time 1 minute, dimming to 20% 1 minute followed by switch off. These can be varied however they are the recommended time for warehouse use. A the hand held remote can also be used once the lights are connected to a power supply. The settings are stored in the internal memory with in the sensor which remember the last setting so even if there is a power cut the lights will retain their last setting.

For Industrial Freezers and Refrigerators it is essential to have Emergency lighting. However Standard Emergency lighting requires a battery pack. Batteries will not operate efficiently in cold temperatures so we provide a newly developed super capacitor emergency light which doesnt require batteries.


From my experience most people understand automatic lighting to be unreliable and the light will not light in time.

Most people’s experience is with a PIR flood light in the garden and it only lights up once you’ve walked past it.


The fear is that they will walk into a dark area and the light will not relight, or with lights going off behind them will not relight when return.

With Microwaves,  they are mini radars scanning an area around 15m radius (their power is a 5000th of a Mobile Phone). They will  see you every time, even a small arm movement will set them off.

My recommendation is that all Staff working in the warehouse watch the 2 minute video, for them to fully understand the difference between PIR and microwave sensors:

Smart LED High Bays

Once staff Understand and Trust the lighting energy savings of up to 80% over standard LED lighting can be achieved.

The example pictured above are installed in Marshfield Farm Ice Cream Freezer near Bath.