Nortech Control Ltd – Cwmbran Wales

Existing Technology

Existing lighting throughout the building was 600×600  quad 18w fluorescent panels. These units were more than 10 years old, tubes were dim and yellow with many units not working or faulty. MD Steve Blackler wanted to improve the lighting and lower energy cost, taking advantage of the Green Business Grants offered by the Carbon Trust.


The Production and Development areas are assembling electrical circuits and required high  LUX levels to achieve quality standards required. LUX levels were inadequate showing below 200. Generally all areas were gloomy and not giving the right atmosphere for either staff or customers.


Ledlights4you replaced all 116 panels with just 94  x 600×600 40W LED 100Lm/w panels and fitted sensors in corridors and toilets to save energy.

Overall light spread and LUX levels average 300 and in Production and Development LUX levels are averaging 550 LUX. Steve reports that Staff are practically happy with the results. Nortech will save almost £9,500 on their energy bills in the next 5 years for an outlay of just over £5,600 with the Carbon Trust contributing nearly £900.

Overall Energy Saving is 61% with an increased LUX levels in all areas

Project Cost



32 months

Energy Saving


Saving 5 Years


Carbon Saving

5.9 tCO2e


energy saving

payback in months