Lets look at the myths:

LED lights last for ever! No they don’t whilst the LED chip is a light emitting diode its life will depend its quality, the heat dissipation and the quality of the driver. (coverts mains to DC current like on a computer)

They all save the same amount of energy?  No there can be 60% difference in the energy saving between budget and high Efficiency Lights!

If you were buying a car, no doubt that you’d look at performance, mpg and the load carrying etc, you certainly would never purchase the cheapest without understanding the spec?

Invariably an electrician when asked to price lighting jobs, know that if they are not the lowest price they won’t get the job! That means the LED lights are at the budget end. These Lights will have a lower build standard, therefore low efficiency and a shorter life.

Build standard is often just 20,000-30,000 are lightly to last no more than 3 -6 years in use with a warranty perhaps just 2 – 3 years. If they are on 24/7 as with Hospitals, then the life could as little as 2-3 years.

Likewise reduction of the number of units is only possible if they are high Efficiency, budget lights are often 60% less efficient and do not qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance.

At Ledlights4you we give you the choice to compare both the price and the energy use in the first 12 months of purchase. Invariably comparing budget lights with high efficiency the running costs are halved making the 12 month saving plus the initial cost is less than with budget lights cost and saving.

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