150W LED High Bay Disc 25,500lumen 170Lm/W 5Yr Warranty


Prime Applications

High Bay Replacement for Workshops, Warehouses, Factories

150w to replace 250-400W Metal Halide high bay lights.

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Prime Applications

High Bay Replacement for Workshops & Factories and Warehouses

Replaces 250 – 400W Metal Halide

IP65, 25,500 Lumen, 100% Maintenance Free,

Up to 50% more saving compare to non-sensor high bay LED.

Most energy saving high bay in the market.

Isolated square  driver with bracket,

Mounting Height 4 – 14m

Philips LEDs


ETL Compliant ECA approved

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Super Efficient High Bay LED UFO Disc Lighting 

Are your energy costs sky high? Perhaps you’re looking at way to reduce your carbon footprint or make your premises a brighter and safer space.

With a range of both high bay tube and disc LED lighting, we have products designed to suit any environment. For more information, give one of the team a call today on 03333 446084 or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you.



Efficacy 170Lm/w


150W — 25,500 Lm


Philips LEDs, IP65, Cast Alloy  Air Flow Design Polycarbonate Lens

Build Standard

 50,000 hours, with Microwave sensor built-in

Beam Angle:

110 Degrees


Cool White 6000 kelvin


L W H 365 x 156 mm


Suspended or Bracket  mounted


10 years


CE. RoHS TUV ETL Compliant ECA approved

LED High Bay DISC UFO Lighting vs Fluorescent & Metal Halide

In comparison to the fluorescent and metal halide lighting that is commonly found in warehouses, factory assembly lines and large retail sheds, our LED high bay disc lighting offers a range of benefits including:

  • Most energy saving
  • Instant power up.
  • Significantly brighter.
  • Significantly lower running costs.
  • Lower wattage usage.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Longer life expectancy.
  • Wider beam angle.