“Surely we have a responsibility to care for our planet. The future of humanity and indeed all life on earth, now depends on us.”  Sir David Attenborough

These words have struck a chord with consumers all across the world, with a renewed consumer focus on reducing the impact we have on the environment in our day to day lives.

As a business, you too have a responsibility to look after the world around you and may find that failure to do so puts potential customers off.

Switching to energy efficient LED lights is one of the easiest changes you can make to reduce the impact your business has on the environment, find out more below.

The Environmental Benefits of LED Lights

Energy efficient LEDs hold a number of environmental benefits when compared with the fluorescent and metal halide lights that are commonly found in commercial premises.

  • LED lighting uses significantly less energy than traditional lighting, with savings of over 75% achievable – this also saves the company significant amount on energy bills.
  • LED Lights have longer lifespans, meaning that less waste is produced.
  • Some traditional lighting contains mercury which is toxic to the environment if not disposed of properly.
  • LED lighting systems can be configured with occupancy control and dimming features to further reduce the amount of energy used.
  • As High Efficiency* LEDs distribute light far better than traditional counterparts, less units are needed, reducing the manufacturing impact and the number of bulbs that will need disposing of at the end of their life.
  • LED lights can be recycled. At LED Lights 4 You, we work with Recolight to ensure that all our lightbulbs are recycled at the end of their lives.

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How Much Could You Save By Switching to LED Lighting?

In addition to the environmental benefits of LED lighting, making the switch also offers some serious financial incentives for businesses.

For most businesses, energy bills come under overheads, operating or fixed costs, for this reason, we tend to ignore them – despite the fact that they are one of your biggest expenses.

One of the most effective way of lowering your overheads is through high efficiency lighting, and this doesn’t simply mean LEDs. It’s important to remember that not all LEDs are created equal, let’s assume you do have LED lighting installed, do you know how much energy you saved or if you saved any energy?

We recommend that LEDs are always purchased based on their efficiency, rather than price.

Most companies replace lights on an ad hoc 1 to 1 basis and often because lights are failing. They are treated like a capital expense yet if used wisely they have the potential to save your company tens of thousands of pounds.

Examples of efficient LEDs in action:

Great Western Packing – Swindon – Saved 74% | £60,474 over 5 years

DEK’s Industries – Nailsea – 59% | £8,200 over 5 years

New technology is helping save even more with smart lighting systems and as in the case of DEK’s and GWP we also replaced their low efficiency LED lighting.

We offer a Free No Obligation Energy Comparison Survey and a report of your present lighting with recommendations to cut your present consumption by up to 80% showing the payback period, this is often in as little as 12 months.

All we ask is that you look at these seriously with an open discussion looking at any issues and merits.

*As a further financial benefit, larger companies can also benefit from other incentives such as Enhanced Capital Allowance and Interest Free Loans (based on your location). Take a look at our incentives page for more information.

Experts in Highly Efficient LED Lighting Systems

A survey of your premises only takes an hour or so and you can view the findings by a 15 minute video call.  There is no commitment or obligation on your part, you have everything to gain.

If you’d like to book in for your free lighting survey, or see what benefit LED lighting could have on your businesses carbon footprint, fill out a contact form today, email us directly or call 03333 446084