Retro Fitting Microwave Sensors

With Energy costs doubling there is companies have renewed interest in retrofitting Sensors to their LED lighting.

The economics are sound especially when it comes to daylight saving and occupation, savings in common areas such as corridors, toilets and staff rooms are a natural target. Energy savings can be as high as 60%.

Most business’s spend between 40-60% of energy on just lighting. Lighting is often the biggest load especially in offices where there a shifts and often empty desks.

With the new advances of Microwave Technology each light can have its own sensor which can be programmed to suit the area. For example the sensor can be programmed to detect small movements, they can even sense when someone is sitting at their desk.

Fitting individual sensors is straightforward as there is no rewiring to do and the advantage is instead of a row of lights being lit only the area occupied is activated.

This is because unlike PIR’s the setting are more precise, sensitivity, LUX and Hold times can all be programmed to gain maximum energy saving and convenience. No one has to switch off lights anymore they go off automatically and only they only come where you need them.

We are now finding machine shops, print works etc can all benefit from the energy saving brought about by Microwave Technology.

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