Corridors especially in housing blocks, Student Accommodation and Hotels need to be well lit for both safety and convenience. This means that often lights are on 24/7 running up huge energy bills.

In addition the maintenance is high as tubes and bulbs need to be frequently replaced often this running into dozens per week taking up time for the maintenance personnel. These are commonly Fluorescent fittings either 2D or PL type fittings. Another issue is the Fluorescent ballasts which generate heat when on for long periods. This heat invariably destroys the insulation in the connection points and on the immediate wiring making the fitting a serious fire risk.

Using smart Bulkhead LED fittings and our specialised team we can complete up to 400 replacements in just 4-5 days. With sensors the LED will light up immediately you enter the area and dim before switching off on your departure.

Energy bills are reduced by 85-95% and maintenance becomes obsolete. In addition the LED colour at 4500 Kelvin gives a crisp daylight brightness perfect for even the poorest sighted person to safely negotiate stairs and corridors. Signs and notices are also clearer making the atmosphere so much better.