Recently we fitted microwave sensors to toilets, cupboards and corridors in a Medical Centre. Fitting LED panel Lighting saved 80%, however there are additional savings of 60% in these areas using Microwave switching!

The featured photo shows the stores at Bombardier in Catford Railway depot.

Switching lights off has always been an Energy Saving option, however sometimes it’s not possible to do so in your business for several reasons:
Safety Issues
This is why smart LED lighting has the advantage. Unlike conventional lights LED’s need no warm up time, so they can be switched on and off without harm or damage and give full light immediately.
Smart switching is ideal to work with efficient LED lighting systems as they light up fully in a fraction of a second.
We have supplied and fitted Microwave sensors in Data Centres, Factories and Warehouses.
They can also be useful in Cupboards, Corridor’s and Toilets, where lights are seldom switched off yet remain unoccupied for long periods of the day and night.

The advantage of using Microwave sensors rather than the old PIR’s is that they are not directional, far more sensitive to small movements also covering a larger area. They also have the advantage of being programmable and can dim lights as well as switch them on and off.