Maintenance Free Lighting


Interview with Paul Catherine Facilities Co-ordinator Aqualisa Ltd

Why did you decide to buy LED lighting exclusively from LEDlights4you?

“We have a large site with seven Warehouse and Office buildings in Westerham. Having purchased High Bay Tubes in 2017, these are still working today at 7 years old almost 24/5 operation.

“Simply we have no maintenance issues, for example, we’ve purchased a total of around 450 lights from LEDlights4you over seven years. Around 150 are emergency lights, on a power off test, your lights all exceeded the 3 hours.”

“In particular the mini spots will exceed this; they are far superior and exceptional to other brands.”

“They still continue to do that even though some are over 3 years old, while others have failed.”

“We have had some of these now showing signs of failure, however LEDlights4you run a repair refurbishment service, so they can be put back into service without having to do a complete replacement”.

“These are truly sustainable.”

LEDlights4you has now completed a total of six buildings with hundreds of lights over 8 years