There are two main reasons, one to replace obsolete or ageing Fluorescent or Metal Halite lights, or to simply reduce energy bills?

The assumption is that LED lighting you will reduce your energy bills?

There certainly will be a reduction, however often the LED replacement is not as efficient or more to the point as bright as the light it replaced? Why is this?

Mainly because the purchase is made without considering the efficiency or planning how much energy can be saved, the efficiency in other words Lumens per Watt or Total Lumens. Anything less than 105 Lm/W is substandard and not worth buying!

Another factor is the depletion rate, with Energy Technology List Compliance L80 means the maximum of 20% depletion or reduction in light over 10 years. Many cheaper LED lights do not comply to the ETL standard and therefore will deplete much faster some failing completely within 4 years or so.

Often lights a bought in a add hock manner which means that the overall energy saving is rarely considered and in real terms may not have been achieved and a waste of money.

The Carbon Trust brought in a Standard the ETL compliance which sets out the minimum standard for LED lighting, supplying lights to this standard ensures better performance , longer life and attracts Enhanced Capital Allowance.

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