Recently we have been back to customers after Five years to do improvement and remedial work.

Insite Technical based in Pembrooke Doc had a few drivers needing replacement.

They had 253 LED Panels fitted nearly 5 years ago and just 14 drivers required replacement. All the LED panels were perfect without dark spots, brown stains or deuteriation of light quality.

Recently we replaced an entire Office of LED panels for a customer because they had begun to fail in just a couple of years. Many of the panels had dark brown smudges down the middle and others were flashing due to driver failure. The only thing to do is a complete replacement as the warranty had expired.

Why such a big difference? Well this is due to the poor quality manufacture and quality control of the production line. Its like buying anything if you buy solely on price you end up paying more.

Another issue is that cheaper LED Panels are not as efficient as more expensive ones. We see time and time again electricians swapping one for one against  T8 Fluorescent Quads for example!

Better quality panels like LEDlights4you Backlit “Eye Friendly” Panels a reduction of 50% is often possible.

With Energy costs as they reducing numbers of fittings reduces you energy costs further.

Insite Technical Ltd we were able to provide 25W panels as against most panels commonly used are 40W. This means Insite Technical Ltd saved an additional £8,000 in energy costs.

Five years on and maintenance free lighting!


36W Backlit LED Panel 60x60cm Low Glare Flicker free 3650Lumen 4000k 5 Year Warranty