Bespoke Textiles Ltd

Existing Technology

Main Office and tailoring area was lit with Fluorescent 58W Tubes (69W Load).


The Fluorescent units were old, LUX levels were poor even in daylight with readings as low as 150LUX. The colour temperature of the lights was very yellow and causing problems with colour matching and tailoring.


LEDlights4you LED Tubes 26W 130lm/w, in 4000 Kelvin, Daylight, ideal for colour matching without tinting as with fluorescent. TUV Certified Minimum Build Standard 50,000 hours, 60% energy saving. LUX levels were increased to 250LUX average and 60% energy saving.

Project Cost


Energy Saving


Saving 5 Years



40 months

LUX Level

250 / 60% improvement

Carbon Saving

0.2 tCO2e


energy saving

payback in months