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Sustainable Commercial LED Lighting

When comparing our range of commercial LED lights to traditional fluorescent tube and bulb lights, the failures of the latter become evident. Whereas tube and bulb lights are relatively inexpensive to replace individually, ongoing problems and replacements will be frequently needed. This can lead to a build up of costs and downtime associated with fixing these lights, making the long term costs much higher. The same is not true for high quality commercial LED lights.

Once fitted, our sustainable LED lights will save you time and money for years to come. Such considerations underscore the importance of weighing the initial cost savings of cheaper alternatives against their long-term implications for maintenance and replacement expenses. It is clear to us, and our customers, that sustainable LED lighting offers numerous advantages: increased energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and greater profitability for your business. Just take a look at our case studies and you can see the potential savings for yourself.

From warehouse lighting to lighting in the medical industry, LED lighting systems are a cost-effective and reliable solution for any business looking to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their bottom line. We strongly recommend that any company with outdated, cost-ineffective lighting to consider implementing a Sustainable LED lighting system to optimise their own energy efficiency and cost savings.

What we do

Microwave Sensor Lighting

Smart or microwave sensor lighting is not only a solution for energy-efficient lighting but can also be used to detect daylight. Through this technology, lights can stay off on bright days when natural ambient light coming from skylights or windows is enough.

Lighting Survey

Looking for a professional Lighting Survey? We carry out this service in southern area of the UK. The purpose is to identify where Energy savings can be made and / or environmental improvements can help improve Productivity, Health & Safety and Quality Control.

Smart lED Lighting

Most companies are unaware of the energy  their lighting consumes often it can be between 50-70% of energy used.  Changing to LED lighting often causes over and under lighting issues. The sustainability and energy saving is often lost.   

Who we help with sustainable LED lighting

We are leading suppliers of Smart Lighting Systems using the latest Microwave Controlled Technology. This technology can save up to 60% more over cheaper LED Lighting. We will stop you from wasting money buying poor value lighting which will require changing in just a few years.


Industrial Warehousing in commodity and food industries often means long hours of operation with Loading and Unloading sometimes 24/7.

New Build Warehouse/Distribution Hub

We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to efficiently transform empty warehouse shells into fully functional distribution hubs within a short timeframe


When you consider we spend around a third our lives at work, if this is in a poorly lit office then the effects on your eyesight can contribute to their deterioration.


Manufacturers face several issues often having to invest their capital into advanced equipment to keep down costs and increase quality demanded by customers.


The pressure on retailing in recent years with increased competition form “on line” retailing means display and presentation of the service or products has to be excellent.

Garage & Bodyshop

LEDlights4you have years of experience working with the motor trade workshops and outside car display areas. Body shops and car preparation require high levels of light without shadow.

Medical & Healthcare

Lighting plays a very important role in medical and healthcare environments, reducing costs, enhancing comfort and improving the overall experience for patients. 


Schools, Colleges, Universities, Community Centres, even Botanical Research Institutions can all benefit from the  Local Government funding, interest free funding (Wales) for replacement of obsolete and inefficient lighting with super-efficient LED lighting. 

Stansted Airport Hanger


LEDlights4you have years of experience working with the motor trade workshops and outside car display areas. Body shops and car preparation require high levels of light without shadow.

Buy LED lighting from us online

Looking for commercial-grade LED lighting products online? Look no further! We offer a wide range of high-quality LED lighting solutions that are not only durable but also built to last for 10 years and beyond. With our tested products, you can be confident in the longevity and performance of your lighting investment.

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