Lighting Consultancy

This report provides an assessment and recommendations to optimise the lighting system and reduce energy consumption for your business because lighting is often more than 50% of your overall energy use.

Existing Lighting Assessment

If your lighting is more than five years old or your still using fluorescent and metal halide lights there is a sound case to review and look at the latest technologies. Our analysis will reveal the following key findings:

1. Inefficient Lighting Technologies: A significant portion of the lighting fixtures utilise older, high-energy consuming technologies such as obsolete fluorescent, metal halide and first-generation LED. These legacy systems result in high energy usage and maintenance costs.

2. Inconsistent Lighting Levels: Lighting levels vary significantly across workspaces, with some areas being over-lit while others are inadequately illuminated. This can lead to visual discomfort and reduced productivity.

3. Lack of Automated Controls: The majority of lighting is manually operated, without the benefit of occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, or centralised control systems. This leads to unnecessary energy consumption when spaces are unoccupied.


Based on our assessment, we propose the following recommendations to optimize your lighting system and reduce energy use:

1. Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Lighting: Replace the existing fluorescent, metal halide and first-generation LED with high-efficiency Smart LED lighting. LED technology offers significant energy savings of up to 90% compared to traditional fixtures, while also providing superior light quality and 10-20 year 100,000 hour lifespans.

2. Implement Lighting Controls: Install occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting systems, and centralised lighting controls to automate the lighting based on occupancy and available natural light. This will ensure lights are only used when and where needed, leading to substantial energy savings.

3. Provide a Lighting Report: Perform a detailed assessment of lighting levels across all workspaces and adjust fixture placement, quantities, and wattages to achieve the appropriate illumination levels recommended by industry standards. This will optimise lighting quality and eliminate over-lighting.

4. Develop Lighting Maintenance Plan: Establish a periodic maintenance schedule to clean fixtures, replace burned-out lamps, and ensure the lighting system operates at peak efficiency. Regular maintenance will help maintain optimal lighting performance and energy savings over time.


The Report will Estimated Energy and Cost Savings

Implementing the recommended lighting upgrades and controls can result in the following estimated energy and cost savings illustrated in Pie Charts and Load comparisons

– Estimated annual energy savings: 70-90% reduction

– Estimated annual cost savings: £ estimated over 5 years

– Estimated payback period: averaging 20-30 months


By implementing the recommendations outlined in the report, you can significantly reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs, and enhance the overall quality of the lighting environment.

Our team of lighting expert engineers are ready to assist you in the planning and execution of these lighting optimization initiatives.

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Our three stage process

Stage one

Take several photographs of the existing lighting and area, these can be made on a mobile phone using email or WhatsApp or Google pictures to upload to us.

Count up the number of lights and different types​ of lights.

Dimensions of the room or area, normally you will have a fire plan, measurements and height (these can be roughly can be paced in meters is adequate for the start).

Details of work areas, hours of operation and any other purpose you intend to achieve.

Copies of Energy Bills or annual kWh readings and costs

Stage two

We will email or post a draft Executive report on the savings, possible outcomes, reduction of units, ball park cost for install. We can is to discuss the findings with a phone call or video call and you can decide if this meets your requirements

Stages One & Two ​are completely Free of Charge..

Stage Three

A site visit will help us plan in more detail and make adjustments to the lighting plan,  establish the fitting plan, procedures and discuss the process including time scales, health and safety etc. 

(Site visits and plans are normally a chargeable service however these costs are waved in the case of an order being submitted.)

We can either supply lights and plans for your own fitting or If you decide to use our team of skilled lighting remitters ( we sincerely hope you do) especially if you require an efficient fast fit program.


I would highly recommend ledlights4you

I was looking to replace a very old, flickering warm white halogen in my dim office space. It took a very long time to actually function, even after switching it on and didn’t provide me with anywhere near enough light that I needed to work. In fact, I was also using an LED desk lamp in conjunction, to try and boost the lighting, so I wasn’t straining my eyesight. I contacted ledlights4you and a helpful team member suggested a replacement cool white, natural daylight, fitting. I was very impressed at how quickly it arrive. It’s very compact and modern and now I have instant light when I need it and no eye strain. Apparently, the energy saving is 45%, but that doesn’t take into account the additional cost of previously having to operate the desk lamp too. The pictures don’t do it justice and we haven’t gotten around to decorating around the new fitting…. I would highly recommend ledlights4you

Clare Constance

LEDlights4you provided the most efficient LED High Bay Tubes

As Packaging manufacturers we needed to improve the environment and reduce energy costs. LEDlights4you provided the most efficient LED High Bay Tubes which were actually 50% brighter than the 400W Metal Halides they replaced.
Overall we are saving £11,500 a year on our energy bills with a much improved Environment.

Barry Cuss

H Mart will save £24,000 over the next 5 years in energy costs

As a fast growing Korean Supermarket Chain efficient lighting is important for pickers to make up orders from the warehouses.
LEDlight4you supplied and fitted LED High Bay Tubes in place of our 250W Metal Halide High Bays. LEDlights4you reduced the number of lights by 30% and increased the lighting to give an average of 250LUX double that of the previous lights. In addition H Mart will save £24,000 over the next 5 years in energy costs. We were so pleased with the installation that LEDlights4you have designed and fitted two shops and our Surrey Warehouse

Filippo Maghella
H Mart

Very competent LED lighting installer

Very competent LED lighting installer. Most grateful for his dedicated work at Burnham Area Youth centre, when he converted our lighting system

Mike Lang

Excellent service. Great energy saving advice

Excellent service. Great energy saving advice. Supplied & installed good quality products. Highly recommend.

Claire Dore

Professional approach and quality service

We wanted bespoke lighting for NHS hospital Reception Counters and contacted Paul at LEDlights4you. He appraised the specification required and delivered a day later. We used his services before for Dental Surgeries and knew he would supply quality finished equipment which we could be confident would be efficient and work. I would recommend LED lights4you for their professional approach and quality service.

Alan Voysey
Medspace Solutions

Reduced our lighting energy by approx 40% saving £2660 over 5 years.

LEDlights4you surveyed and fitted LED panels throughout our offices to replace the ageing Fluorescent panels. The result was remarkable they reduced the number of panels, it is twice as bright and reduced our lighting energy by approx 40% saving £2660 over 5 years.

Mortgage Select

I Can Thoroughly Recommend Their Work.

We’re really pleased with what Paul Young and team have done with our lighting and I can thoroughly recommend their work.

Oliver Janes

Jack Allen Owen Barry

Excellent service and a great product. Saved us a lot of money. Paul and his wife were excellent and were very innovative with some of the harder locations.
Jack Allen
Jack Allen
Owen Barry

Example of what you can save

Your Existing Light Fitting

Load in Watts



Energy Saving

600×600 Quad 18w T8 Fluorescent Panel


LED Backlit Panel Low Glare Flicker 4000k Free 5 Year Warranty 30 - 50% reduction in Fittings



T8 6’ 70w Twin Fluorescent


LED Batten 140 L/W Low Glare 4000k 5 Year Warranty 30-50%



Metal Halide 250w High Bay


LED 150w Smart High Bay Disc 200L/W 30,000 Lumen (Typical reduction of units by 50%)



Metal Halide 400w High Bay


LED 150w Smart High Bay Disc 200L/W 30,000 Lumen (Typical reduction of units by 50%)



Please call for more comparisons if your lights are not listed on free phone 0333 446084