Online Lighting Design

We have been successfully advising and supplying LED lighting to Business for some time. With the restriction caused by COVID19 Online Lighting design makes sense. Watch our short video on how we can help you:

Most organizations  replace existing lighting by simply doing a One for One replacement, this is often  wasting money as LED lights have different and varying characteristics and are more efficient so less units are required. However repositioning requires a LED Lighting specialist in order to get the best results and the maximum Energy Saving or maximum Carbon Reduction.

With social distancing required, lighting may also need to be moved to provide the best efficiency and considerations should also be made for Sterile Lighting Ultra with UV to combat COVID19.

There are Three Stages to the process.

Stage One

1.      Take several photographs of the existing lighting and area, these can be made on a mobile phone using email or WhatsApp or Google pictures to up load to us.

​2.     Count up the number of lights and different types​ of lights.

​3​.      Dimensions of the room or area, normally you will have a fire plan, measurements and height (these can be roughly can be paced in meters is adequate for the start).

​4​.      Details of work areas, hours of operation and any other purpose you intend to achieve.

​5​.      Copies of Energy Bills or annual kWh readings and costs

Stage Two

Stage Two , we will email or post a draft Executive report on the savings, possible outcomes, reduction of units, ball park cost for install. We can is to discuss the findings with a phone call or video call and you can decide if this meets your requirements

Stages One & Two ​are completely Free of Charge..

Stage Three

A site visit will help us plan in more detail and make adjustments to the lighting plan,  establish the fitting plan, procedures and discuss the process including time scales, health and safety etc. 

(Site visits and plans are normally a chargeable service however these costs are waved in the case of an order being submitted.)

We can either supply lights and plans for your own fitting or If you decide to use our team of skilled lighting remitters ( we sincerely hope you do) especially if you require an efficient fast fit program.