Hudson Banks

Existing Technology

Hudson Banks operate a recruitment sales office on two floors with 20 or so staff. The existing lighting was with T8 Fluorescent 600 x 600 4 x 18w (84w load) panel lights throughout.


Many of the panels them were failing and very yellow, it’s often said that strobing lights can cause headaches. LUX levels were below standard for office lighting.

Added to this some of the emergency lights were also showing a fault which was worrying management as the building would fail the fire safety standards. The office was open long hours and the biggest energy use was the lights.


LEDlights4you installed 600 x 600 40w Epistar LED panels in 4000 kelvin colour. This transformed the office into a fresh clean, daylight bright environment, ideal to lift spirits and focus minds. This made a 60% reduction in energy use with a payback of just 24 months

Project Cost


Energy Saving


Saving 5 Years



24 months

LUX Level

350 / 60% improvement


energy saving

payback in months