Humberstone Academy – Leicester

Existing Technology

Humberstone is a large school housing both Infants and Junior teaching around 700 pupils. The buildings were a mix of older Victorian Buildings, with modern additions which included new Sports Hall, changing rooms and additional class rooms. The majority of ceilings were suspended tile with T8 Quad fluorescent, with some Bulkhead 2D fluorescents and T8 6 foot twin fluorescent lighting the sports Hall.


 The normal electrical contractor had replaced some lights with LED panels, however had failed to realise that these are almost twice as bright.
 This has two problems one is the LUX levels on desks was far too high creating glare, with children and staff suffering headaches.
 It’s a waste of energy over lighting areas. One corridor which was constantly on throughout school hours was almost blinding
 Corridor and staircase lights were constantly on during the school hours.
 Some LED fittings were beginning to fail within less than two years.


Ledlights4you redesigned the layouts of each class room and corridor replacing redundant lights with new ceiling tiles. The 34W back lit LED panels have a 5 year warranty and a 50,000 hour build life, 10 years plus in normal use, with 4000 kelvin low glare lens they made the classrooms into bright eye
healthy environments. With a combination of microwave sensors and LED panels the corridor lights switched on and off instantly when students entered instead of burning energy all day.
The sports hall was transformed into a daylight bright shadow free games hall to the required standards using just 8 x Ledlights4you Smart 150W LED High Bays with a spread of 110 degrees. An amazing improvement to the energy wasting 18 x T8 6’ Twin Fluorescent fittings with their dim yellow light.
Our HBD LED Microwave sensor LEDs (smart) can be set up using a hand held remote with preset settings making them easy to adjust from the ground. (as shown in our Boyriven Video)
LUX levels in the Humberstone Academy sports hall were increased from 100LUX to over
300LUX average.

Project Cost


Energy Saving


Saving 5 Years



20 months

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