Wedmore Dental Practice – Wedmore Somerset

Existing Technology 

Speaking to Peter Sedgwick, Dental Surgeon at Wedmore Dental Practice. He told me that when matching enamels for patients fillings and crowns, it was imperative to have natural light.

The colour temperature of lighting is extremely important, as it can often cause errors in choosing the right shade of enamel. Fluorescent lighting is often very yellow 2,700 Kelvin, as they age they often become more yellow. Any photographer will tell you that Natural daylight is around 5,000 Kelvin, with this colour temperature colours will look natural and bright.

With Dentists the patient is sitting in a reclined chair facing the ceiling where the light is fitted. There are two issues, one is the patients comfort and level of LUX required.

Ideally the dentist requires between 500 to 750 LUX to see clearly in the patient’s mouth. However to have this level of light intensity in a direct light would blind the patient. The answer is to use a high efficiency (7,560 Lumen) LED panel light with an anti-glare lens, flicker free lens in 5,000 Kelvin. This way the light is dissipated evenly without and intensive glare. Flicker free panels also mean better comfort on the eyes for both dental staff and patients, essential for patients with migraine or epilepsy as there is no strobe effect.


We fitted out three surgeries in the practice using 1200 x 600mm 72 watt 5,000k panels in ceiling mountings which come with a 5 year warranty.


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