Checkfire – Ystrad Mynach – Caerphilly – Wales

Existing Technology

Existing lighting in the warehouse was 250w Metal Halite High Bay Lights.


Steve Pocock the operations manager called us in because the warehouse was to be upgraded with New Racking. The new racking formed new isles which were unlit and staff used torches to pick goods. Many of the existing light positions needed to be repositioned.

Energy costs were also very high at over 19p per other practical energy saving was also a consideration.


Ledlights4you prepared a lighting plan giving optimum LUX predictions and the projected energy savings. These plans and predictions enabled Checkfire to apply for a Local Grant from Caerphilly County Council and an interest free loan from the Carbon Trust.

Ledlights4you replaced existing 250w Metal Halite units with 54 x Smart LED High Bay Lights 110w to 150w including additional lights for the unlit isles.  Repositioning many Lights has also improved productivity together with a 60% additional energy saving with the use of smart LED lights. Smart Lights automatically switch off when areas are unoccupied or in bright sunlight.

Overall Energy Saving is 62% with an increased LUX levels in all areas

Project Cost £13,071
Payback 31 months
Energy Saving 62%
Saving 5 Years £21,650
Carbon Saving 11  tCO2e


energy saving

payback in months