Goldsmith Court Nottingham

Goldsmith Court

Goldsmith Court is a very large Student Accommodation for Nottingham Trent University
situated in the City Centre in Nottingham. The Student Housing Manager Lisa McCollum wanted to improve lighting in the corridor, communal and kitchen area where
the lighting particularly dark and dingy.
The old Fluorescent Emergency Lights were also failing and they required additional units to
comply with new regulations.
Energy costs for the buildings were high because lights in the corridors were  to 24 hours of opening per day.
The courtyard lighting was especially an issue as bulb replacement was expensive requiring
a Cherry Picker.
Reliable and bright courtyard lighting was essential for security, with students and staff often
leaving late dark in winter evenings.
Areas such as corridor needed automatically switched lighting.


Corridor and stairwells were all fitted with Microwave sensor automatic On & Off LED
bulkhead lights.
The corridors communal rooms and facility rooms were transformed with the bright clean
automatic Led lights. All the emergency lights were replaced with LED Bulkheads and the
LED’s bringing the building blocks up to BS5266 guidelines.
All lights were supplied in 4500k daylight with span life 50,000 hours.
Overall the site is saving over £12,909 per year with a payback in just 20.3 months