H Mart – New Milton Distribution Warehouse

Existing Technology

Metal Halide 250W high bay lighting, 2,000 hours span life, requiring regular bulb replacement. High Bay Lighting is particularly an issue due to access.


Customer had rearranged their warehouse and the Metal Halide lighting was in poor condition and no longer lighting the Isles, LUX levels were below 100 in places. Staff were unable to read labels in parts of the warehouse, this was effecting productivity.


LEDlights4you LED high bay Tubes 180W 150lm/w, TUV Certified Minimum Build Standard 50,000 hours, 50 -90% energy saving.

Solution was to reduce the number of lights from 41 down to 33 and reposition in the Isles. Average LUX levels were improved to 250LUX average and energy usage reduced by 64%.

Project Cost



20 months

Saving 1 Year


Saving 5 Years


Carbon Saving

14 tCO2e

Customer Endorsement

Filippo Maghella

Filippo Maghella  General Manager
As a fast growing Korean Supermarket Chain efficient lighting is important for pickers to make up orders from the warehouses.
LEDlight4you supplied and fitted LED High Bay Tubes in place of our 250W Metal Halide High Bays.
LEDlights4you reduced the number of lights by 30% and increased the lighting to give an average of 250LUX double that of the previous lights.
In addition H Mart will save £24,000 over the next 5 years in energy costs.
We were so pleased with the installation that LEDlights4you have designed and fitted two shops and our Surrey Warehouse.