Heritage VW- Westbury Somerset

Existing Technology

There were two areas where Heritage wanted to improver lighting, the Preparation Bay and the California Workshop.

Preparation Bay, VW wanted 1000 LUX in 4000k day light, existing lighting was T8 fluorescent 6ft tubes which were only 500 LUX and 3000k.

California Workshop. This workshop is for conversion of new Transporters to Campervans. It required high quality finish and workmanship, the Metal Halide 250 W High Bays was lights and T8 6’ Twin Fluorescents on the walls.


Both in Preparation and the California Workshop lighting was clearly inadequate and causing issues with finish and quality. Lighting in the California workshop was gloomy and shadowy making impossible to inspect vehicles adequately until they were taken outside.



Car Preparation Bay – We fitted Twin rows of T5 44W Twin LED Battens on the trunking between each Car bay and achieved 1000 plus LUX level required by VW.

The California Bay – We Replaced the Metal Halides with 100W Samsung LED Tubes 6000K (13,000 Lumen) which provide a 120 degree light spread irradiating shadow. We also fitted T5 44W Twin LED Battens 4000K (5729 Lumen) to the walls.

Overall Energy Levels were cut by 66% with a 100% increase in LUX levels in all areas

Project Cost


Energy Saving



45 months

Saving 5 Years


Carbon Saving

9.9 tCO2e


energy saving

payback in months