Identity Kits Ltd

Existing Technology

Shop display area was lit with Fluorescent quad 36W x 4 600×600 panels (170W Load) and Halogen down lights.


Many of the halogen bulbs and fluorescent tubes were not working giving poor light producing shadows and yellow tinting. The owner wanted a bright modern look to the shop with daylight coloured light to reflect the true colours of the products.


LEDlights4you 40W  LED Panels 100lm/w, because the panels give better light than the fluorescents we were able to reduce the number by 10%. The colour was 4000 Kelvin, Daylight, which was ideal to bring out the natural colours and give the shop a bright uplifting look. The Panels are TUV Certified Minimum Build Standard 50,000 hours, 77% energy saving. LUX levels were increased to 400LUX average.


Project Cost


Energy Saving


Saving 5 Years



14 months

LUX Level

400 / 100% improvement

Carbon Saving

3.0 tCO2e


energy saving

payback in months