Saint Gobain – Loading Bay – Patchway Bristol

Existing Technology

6 x 250W Metal Halide Floods on and above the Canopy and a further 5 x 80W Sodium’s under the canopy between the Bay Doors.


The Loading Bay is in constant use at night. Maintenance the Replacement of Lamps and Failure of units was leading to Health and Safety Hazards.


Ledlights4you Fitted 4 x 180W LED Floods, 2 on the Canopy and 2 on adjacent walls to the side. The Sodium’s were replaced by 5 X 50W Led Floods. Total energy Saving is 40% with an overall increase in LUX to 300.

Project Cost


Energy Saving



96 months

Lux Level

265 / 50% improvement

Saving 5 Years


Carbon Saving

1 tCO2e