1,200 Bedroom LED Bulkhead Lights Fitted in 4 days!

Hotels, Student Housing, Schools and Colleges demand large numbers of lights to be fitted within a restricted time frame.

Delivering a quality electrical installation with a deadline to meet requires thorough knowledge of the installation electrics, detailed planning and daily management of the project.


Firstly the teams will consist of Competent Electricians and Field Staff. We normally have up to 3 teams and up to 9 personnel on each project.

Everything is planned from preparation of fittings by experienced assembly staff to the disposal of Toxic waste Fluorescent tubes and scrap fittings.


Each team removes old fittings; renew connections are made for the LED fitting to replace before its attached to the ceiling. Finally a vacuum ensures the area is clean and ready for occupation.


In the planning stage we will contact the manufacturers to find the best value fittings. Its important to find a fitting that will look right and will work with both the electrical requirements as well the aesthetics.

From our experience with LEDs the quality of the drivers is very important, a minimum of 50,000 hours build standard with TUV or similar quality standard is essential. We also look for a minimum of 5 years warranty on products, it’s pointless installing lower build standards on commercial lighting as the will fail within 3 or 4 years and the customer will have to spend twice as much.


Let’s not forget that we are also trying to reduce the Carbon Footprint of these buildings, so low wattage and high efficiency is essential to achieve the Government Zero Carbon Targets.

We suspect that Government will bring in a standard much the same as the ULEZ on buildings so we need to get this right now.