After Lockdown


If your company is anything like ours you’ll have a to do list with projects on the back burner.

The first job will be for any organisation is to review their financial status.

For some this will mean making a decision on whether they can continue to trade, especially in the retailing, travel, holiday, hospitality trades who are hard hit by the COVID19 social distancing rules which will continue for some time into the future.


There will also be companies especially, essential services, delivery,  on line and warehousing who have continued to trade through the lockdown. Many have gained business and there are further opportunities opening up in these areas.


Operational costs will be even more important especially if some business’s are to operate social distancing rules. Lighting for one may need to be looked at for positioning, more use of sensors to keep efficiency and control costs.


Other measures will be how we conduct business in the future, lockdown has proved that platforms such as Zoom can give us face to face meetings without the need for hours of travel, cutting our use of fossil fuels, pollution and travel costs.


Recent enquiries have shown that a few photos of lights can reveal a lot with, allowing us to make design recommendations and estimates all on line. A site visit is still essential to assess installation requirements and LUX levels however time is saved and needless travel is avoided.


If you would like to improve or change your lighting the preliminary assessment can all be on line.

Simply by taking a few photos with a count of how many light units you have will get you started on your project.