So many companies we survey are wasting money on energy bills because of either old Obsolete lighting or poor quality LED Replacement Lighting. When you consider that each 400W Metal Halide uses on average 1147 kWh s per year, thats costing £160 a year just in Energy Bills!

Below 400W Metal Halide

Its much the same story for Fluorescent Tubes, a 6′ twin is costing almost £60 each per year in Energy Bills.

If you owned a fleet of gas guzzling vehicles you’d change them immediately. So why do we put up with these costs?

The main reason is that you don’t pay your energy bills at a pump, they are are paid by direct debit and entered into your accounts as a fixed cost. Paid automatically, its just added to the budget and ignored.

Energy companies have increased your energy bills in the last few years and its not unusual to see companies paying 14 pence per kilowatt hour!

Your lighting is often the Biggest Load accounting for around 50% of your energy usage, because your lights tend to be throughout you opening hours.

With Ultra Efficient LED lighting (A++) you can save 70 – 80% on you lighting energy use.

LED Disc / UFO light for warehouses

The Saving can add up to Tens of Thousands of £ over the lifetime of the product, and you’ll benefit from better environment quality and a 10 year warranty!