Do Microwave Sensors Save Money?

There are two reasons why Microwave Sensors save Energy and therefore Energy Costs.

Firstly most people understand how PIR’s work, they can be a bit hit and miss. The reason for this is that detect changes in temperature. They send out narrow beams. If we were all naked, they would work more efficiently as our skin area is larger and much easier to detect.

With Microwave Sensors they scan in 360 degrees, units scan around 6 – 15 meter circumference and can work at 15m height. They can be finely adjusted in Sensitivity, Hold Time and Area. (Hold Time is the time between last movement and Switch Off. This is often referred to a Smart Lighting.

Tuning them is important especially in Communal Areas, Corridors, Stairs and Toilets. For the former a shorter time is preferred so that lights are not burning energy all day. Toilets are similar to Offices where there are times when there is little movement, these require  at least 20 minutes hold time as against 30 seconds on a Staircase or Corridor.

Even Daylight Harvesting is possible, so on bright sunny days areas close to Windows or Skylights, as shown in the picture. Your lighting will automatically sense the light levels and only switch on lights when required.

The average savings are around 60%, with Energy Costs of 30p per kWh, Smart Microwave Sensor lights can give a Return of Investment are as little as 24 months!