So what is Daylight Harvesting?  This means the lighting is set up to switch automatically when the LUX levels reduce. In Newer Modern Warehouses for example there are more and larger skylights so the operator can take advantage of when there is good daylight.

Do I need Switches? No the lighting is totally Automatic, there are no conventional switches just Fish Key Switches for Maintenance (as in the picture above)

This could easily be another 24%. Smart lighting will save an additional 60% on energy costs against standard LED Lighting. However using the Daylight Harvesting option you save a further 24%.

This means that a Warehouse operator can cut energy bills by 84% using smart LED lighting.

At LEDlights4you we have been using smart lighting in most applications. Warehouses are where the biggest saving can be made. Most warehouses have skylights, if they are good size and clean they can contribute significant energy savings. As mentioned Newer Modern buildings get the best benefit as they have large clean skylights. In older Warehouses or Factories its worth getting your skylights cleaned if possible to enable you to gain the most from Daylight Harvesting.

A recent installation of our Smart LED Microwave Sensor High Bays in a New Warehouse in Northampton has proved very successful. In bright Sunny Days there is no need for the lighting to be switched on, but as winter sets in the system has proved very effective.

As each Light has its own sensor the lights are programmed to switch on and off automatically when the area is occupied and the light levels are low. This means that some areas are darker than others, so lights only switch on where LUX is low.

Using Microwave Sensors is the most reliable method on Smart lighting as it is far more sensitive and responds instantly. No more arm waving as with PIR’s, when you step into the zone the light switches on instantly safe and reliable.


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