Transforming a customers premises using our lighting expertise was something Dave Ingis of Gadgetlinefilms suggested would really show the value of our work at Ledlights4you..

DEKs Industries Europe Ltd had two issues, they wanted to reduce their energy costs and they also had some failing LED High Bay Lighting. The latter was increasingly causing productivity and health & safety issues in the warehouse and needed to be resolved urgently. The High Bay lights in the warehouse were 200w Cob LEDs, no more than 4 years old. Some units had failed completely while others were showing sings of impending failure by giving dimming light output.

The Solution was to replace all the 200watt units, while reducing overall numbers of high bays due to the superior 23,500 Lumen out put of our 150w LED High Bay Discs which have a 10 year warranty.

The result is evident from the film which includes interviews with the General Manager Ollie Janes at DEKs Industries Europe Ltd and Paul Young of Ledlights4you.