For the past decade, our company has been a leading supplier of high-quality commercial LED lighting solutions. At the forefront of our offerings have been our Samsung LED high bay tubes, which have become renowned for their exceptional brightness and rapid light output.


In the early years, we primarily focused on supplying and installing high bay lighting systems for our commercial and industrial clients. The Samsung LED high bays quickly established a reputation for unparalleled performance and reliability. Many of the units we installed a decade ago are still going strong, far outlasting the lifespan of conventional lighting technologies.


As the years have passed, our customers have come to deeply appreciate the longevity and consistency of our LED lighting products. Where other solutions may have failed or declined in output, our Samsung high bays have continued to deliver reliable, energy-efficient illumination year after year.


The latest products include Microwave sensors and a built to even better specifications with a life of 100,000 hours. (that’s 10 -20 years without replacement or maintenance) Tese a truely sustainable cutting maintenance, replacement, labour costs and reducing energy costs long term.


This track record of durability and dependability has solidified our position as a trusted partner for commercial LED lighting projects of all scales.