LED lighting – Why one for one replacement is Wasting Money!


If you still have Fluorescent or Metal Halide lighting in your premise’s and are looking to upgrade with LED lighting there are some points to consider.


When your present lighting was installed the lighting design would have included a maintenance factor. This is because Fluorescent and Metal Halide lights deplete within 3 – 6 months by 30%.

To allow for this the design would have been over lit by 30% to compensate for this issue.


With LED’s on the other hand the maintenance factor is far lower as quality LED’s only deplete by 20% in 10 years(CRI 80).


Where a one for one replacement is made in offices for example, there are often complaints from employees because they find the new LED lighting too bright and glary.


Time and Time again I have been asked to survey Offices because the there is too much glare.

This is the fault of the installer not understanding the maintenance factor.

It also means that the organisation is buying and fitting too many lights!

This wastes money in two ways:


  1. Overpaying for Lighting units
  2. Increasing the energy usage and ultimately your carbon footprint, wasting even more money.


Warehouses and factory floors suffer much the same issue where the loads are larger and more money is wasted!


There’s a simple answer to this, if you are upgrading to LED get a design before replacing anything.

That was you will save thousands of pounds on surplus equipment and energy bills. In most cases with Offices and new lighting design can save 20-30 on new fittings and Warehouse and Factory floors the reduction in Lighting units is often 50%. This is simply reducing the number of fittings the LED energy saving will still be overall a massive 80 – 90% especially with intelligent lighting.


Ledlights4you provide a “Online Design Service” which is free, design plans start form just £150, reducing your install and running costs by £1000’s. If we supply your lighting any design plan charges are refunded.


Call us today or book a video call, it’s a simple an easy approach to upgrading your lighting to LED’s.