Lighting Consultancy Service

As lighting professionals, we understand the significant impact that lighting can have on a company’s energy costs and overall efficiency. Many businesses are unaware of the energy-saving potential that lies within their lighting systems, often overlooking the importance of proper lighting design and management.

Our 15 years of experience in the lighting industry have shown that the transition to LED lighting has been a mixed bag. While LEDs can offer substantial energy savings, the performance and specifications of these modern lighting solutions are often misunderstood, leading to suboptimal results and premature failure.

To ensure that our clients get the best value and the most effective lighting outcome, we offer a comprehensive lighting consultancy service. This includes:

1. A full detailed survey of the premises and the existing lighting system.
2. Consideration of the facility’s floor plans, racking layouts, machine arrangements, and desk configurations to optimize the lighting design.
3. Analysis of the current energy tariff to enable accurate energy savings comparisons.
4. Detailed lux plans for various tasks and environments, from offices and classrooms to industrial production lines, warehouses, and emergency lighting systems.
5. A comprehensive report with recommendations, fitting plans, risk assessments, and method statements to guide the implementation process.

By partnering with our lighting consultancy service, you can be confident that your lighting system will be optimized for energy efficiency, performance, and cost-effectiveness. Our team of lighting experts will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and requirements, and deliver a tailored solution that meets your business objectives.

Don’t let your lighting be an overlooked aspect of your energy management strategy. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and unlock the hidden potential of your lighting system.