Why do we buy lights based on Price and Watts?

Mainly because electrical loads are measured in Watts and your electrician will need to ensure that the circuitry is sufficient for the electrical load.

When it comes to LED lighting efficiency the practical comparison is done in Lumens per Watt.

This states the efficiency in other words the light that is emitted. Another important consideration is the Build life.


For example Screw Fix sell the Robus 150W High Bay priced at £124.00 plus vat*, however the Lumen value is 19,320 Lumens,  that’s 128 lumen per watt. Whilst a direct replacement with an existing Metal Halite is feasible a higher efficiency 150-170 Lumen per watt LED High Bay would enable you to reduce the number of units as well making a 50% better saving, with a similar purchase price, value in £ per Lumen is much better. Over 5 years the energy saving would be double!


With LED panel Lights they are often just 85 Lumen per Watt on a 40Watt unit. Cheap ones are rated at 30,000 hours build life, again you most likely to have to replace them within 5 years. We would recommend 13o Lumen per wat panels which are just 25Watt, flicker free 50,000 hour build life and a 5 year warranty. You will be able to reduce the overall number of units and double the energy saving.


In both cases the additional cost of the units will be repaid within 12 months, our experience 50,000 hour build life units last between 10 to 15 years, this cuts maintenance cost in the long term, eleviating the need to replace lights every few years.



ETL approved LED lighting has to be more efficient and last longer.


*published 05.01.2020