“Surely we have a responsibility to care for our planet. The future of humanity and indeed all life on earth, now depends on us.”

Sir David Attenborough

If all the business’s in the UK reduced their Carbon Footprint by 50% we would therefore reduce the demand on the generation of electricity and ultimately cut the burning fossil fuels causing Climate Change.

Lighting is one of the easiest ways of reducing load by as much as 80%. We already have LEDs I can hear you say. My question would be did you have the load reduction accessed and was there a significant reduction?

Buying off the shelf LED lighting can often be a waste of money if you are not getting a significant energy saving.

What do I call a significant energy saving? Well it should be at least 60 – 80%, this rate will reduce  your carbon footprint by at least 50%.

How can you achieve this?

When we replaced the lighting for DEK’s International in Nailsea we reduced their energy use by 60% and they already had LED lighting!

By using super-efficient LED lighting we were able to significantly reduce the Number of Warehouse and Office Lights. To do this you need to use Energy Technology Listed LED lights and get an Expert to give you a lighting plan.

What’s involved? We do a survey and make a lighting plan based on the maximum energy saving and light required.

For example if you still have 400 Watt Metal Halite High Bays for example, each one is using 1100 kWh costing you around £160 a year in Energy costs.

Off the shelf LED replacements from wholesalers need to be 200 Watt LED High Bays to be a comparable light, whilst they are saving 50% of the energy you’ll need to replace light for light.

In comparison our  150W LED Ultra Bay is 170 Lumens per watt, a 150 Watt thats’s 25,500 Lumen its 50% brighter and therefore more efficient than the wholesalers.

Because they are more efficient we cut the number of units by 30% making the overall energy saving of 80%. This means overall you are reducing your footprint by another 30% and in addition saving a massive £112 per year that’s over £1,120 on just one light over 10 years! You can see that there is a positive to Reducing your Carbon Footprint, good for the planet plus you actually save money in buckets!