As a professional LED Retailer, it is important to understand the significance of using appropriate lighting in commercial and retail settings. The issue lies in the fact that the majority of down lights available in the market are designed for domestic use. These lights are not built to withstand the prolonged usage often required in commercial settings, resulting in frequent burnouts and other issues such as glare and flicker.

This is where our Andromeda Range of down lights comes into the picture. Our lights are specifically designed for commercial and retail settings, featuring integral drivers, low glare opal lens, and flicker-free technology. Furthermore, we guarantee the lifespan of our products for 5 years, limited to 40,000 hours in 24 hour operations.

It is crucial to understand the difference between domestic and commercial lights and choose equipment that can offer a durable and efficient solution in your professional space. Trust in our Andromeda Range to provide you and your customers with exceptional lighting experience.