UK Warehouse Association


LEDlights4you is pleased to report that we are Associate members of the UK Warehouse Association.

After meeting Peter Ward the CEO of UKWA, we decided that we had a valuable contribution to add to modern warehousing operators.

The Warehouse sector is expanding as we change our buying habits from high street to ONLINE. As any Warehouse or Logistics operator will tell you, operation costs are the key. Lighting is often the biggest Energy cost sometimes 50% or more. As LEDlights4you have proved in the past with the latest technology in super-efficient LED lighting we can often save up to 80% with a payback on the installation of just 2 years.

Tax Concessions

We are looking forward to advising Warehouse owners on how to maximise savings and reduce maintenance for years to come. Our High Bay Lighting is the most efficient you can buy and it also is compliant with the ETL (Energy Technology List) which means our products qualify for ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance). ECA is especially useful to larger operators, the allowance can be claimed above normal capital allowances.


Recently we have installed LED High Bay lighting to DEKs warehouse in Nailsea and GWP Factory and Warehouse in Cricklade. Because we are also Accredited by the Carbon Trust  GWP were able to claim a £5,000 GRANT towards the cost.